// Light Source and beam line


Beam Line/Light source/Accelerator equipment poses many challenges compared normal laboratory equipment. Same equipment when need to put on beam line requires many modifications and requires many stringent performance and specifications to be met.


We are proud to announce and bring following equipment, principals and their expertise to the beam line/Light Source/Accelerators scientists and Institutes:



AXILON brings to the worldwide synchrotron, accelerator & photon community excellent and efficient solutions. Leading specialists in this innovative private company strive for

  • State-of-the-art instrumentation and engineering services

  • High-end scientific and industrial solutions

  • Reliable and long-term partnerships

  • Highest quality standards


Axilon has team of dedicated experts who can offer demand from consultancy to full project execution in following areas:

  • Beamline components and full beamline solutions

  • Monochromator and mirror systems

  • Experimental stations for X-rays and particles

  • X-ray microscopes

  • Insertion devices

  • Accelerator components

  • Soft X-ray sources and laboratory instrumentation

Axilon expertise and competencies cover wide range of products and services like:

Synchrotron instrumentation • accelerator technology • photonics • ultra-precision mechanics • mechanical engineering • CAD • FEA • ray tracing • system engineering and integration • thermo mechanical engineering • X-ray optics • XUV / EUV sources and metrology • ultra-high vacuum technology • cryo-engineering • magnetic systems • control systems • international project and contract management • world-wide installation • commissioning • world-wide service

Product range also includes Liquid Nitrogen Chiller: Liquid nitrogen chiller for your cryogenically cooled optics with superior stability in pressure and temperature.

AXILON’s advanced ChillAX which enables improved performance of high heat load components through superior stability, cooling capacity and automated processes. This new best-in-class LN2 chiller provides ultra-low mechanical impact to the optical element, even during filling cycles. LN2, at a temperature of 77K, is circulated through the high heat-load component in an isolated closed loop circuit. Boil-off inside the closed loop is eliminated by pressurizing the subcooled LN2 and the integrated fast PID control facilitates ultra-high pressure stability. Continuous operation and long term reliability is guaranteed by maintenance-free sub-components without the need for regular intervention.

For further details please visit: http://www.axilon.de/website/




PREVAC founded in Rogow (Upper Silesia, Poland) in 19916 is focused on Precission and Vacuum.



For beamline applications Prevac offers:

Mirror/ Grating System:

Vacuum mirror chambers are situated along the synchrotron beam line. Mirrors are located inside the chamber and mounted on a vibration isolated special holder which is moved using a multi-axis manipulator in order to determine the correct direction of the beam.

Prevac-Slitunit and Diagnostic System.jp

Slit Unit & Diagnostic System:

Horizontal and vertical shutters, positioned inside the vacuum chamber, are translated via a single axis manipulator in order to adjust the shape of cross-sectional area of the beam.The diagnostic system includes a fully automated high precision monitor of the beam intensity and beam position, which utilises a photodiode or gold mesh. Beam profile imaging is performed by fluorescent detectors. Systems can also be equipped with temperature sensors.

Diagnostic Gas Chamber:  

The diagnostics gas cell has an arrangement for calibration of the spectral resolution of the monochromator. 

Prevac-Diagnostic Gas Chamber.jpg
Prevac-Pumping System.jpg

Pumping Chamber:


UHV chamber with ion pump can be used for pumping of selected sections of synchrotron installation. The chamber can contain diagnostic equipment (e.g. fluorescent screen).

Beamline Piping:


Piping, as a standard part of the beamline installation, are transmit the synchrotron beam between chambers and equipment. Piping is mounted on special stands with reduced vibration.

Prevac-BeamLine Piping.jpg

Bake out Solutions:

There are several solutions for bake out procedures on the various beamline installations, e.g. double isolated aluminum tents with heaters, heating jackets or flexible tapes. Bake out method depends on the specific installation conditions.


Software Control:

RAPID SE is rapid lab environment system builder for scientists, offering many useful features in areas of recipe/process creation, data acquisition and complete system control. Prevac supplies an intuitive, easy-to-use and reliable software control applications for mirrors, shutters and diagnostics systems, with the ability to control critical parameters in real time. Prevac provide an integration with control systems such as TANGO etc.