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Tokyo Instruments Inc., Japan

Tokyo Instruments Inc., Japan specialises in Confocal RAMAN, AFM, SNOM, Pump Probe Spectroscopy and ultrafast spectroscopy.TII provides cutting edge devices for Raman Spectroscopy enabling sophisticated measurements with high sensitivity / high spatial resolution. Nanofinder can do 3D Raman imaging with lateral spatial resolution and axial resolution. Combined with SPM, it simultaneously measures Raman spectrum and images Topography. With Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS), it can obtain lateral resolution of <50 nm and with UV excitation one can measure stress distribution for Si devices.



Unisoku, Japan is the world leader in UHV and Cryogenic Scanning Probe Microscopes. UNISOKU product range includes UHV LT (Cryo) SPM System with Super Conducting Magnet for various applications and Ambient 4-probe Surface Measurement System. Products have compact design and excellent vibration isolation, guaranteeing high stability / high resolution.


ELMITEC Elektronenmikroskopie GmbH, Germany

ELMITEC Elektronenmikroskopie GmbH, Germany are the leading manufacturers of LEEM and PEEM. ELMITEC is dedicated to development, production and service of ultra high vacuum (UHV) cathode lens surface electron microscopes and accessories for these and other surface science instruments. The solutions available are: LEEM, XPEEM, PEEM, SPELEEM, SPLEEM, LEED, and many more.

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